Ashley is the founder of Ashley Low Photography. Ashley’s studio specialises in photographing newborns under 2-weeks-old and capturing these fleeting moments of the babies with their families. She has been mentored by award-winning newborn photographers in the UK and in Australia. To date, she has posed and captured close to 500 newborns on her camera. Her studio is named by as one of the most trusted newborn photography studio in Singapore and many of her customers have labelled her as very good and patient with babies. She is currently working to upward the trend for newborn photography in Singapore and helping as many parents as possible in capturing this extraordinary and special moment in their lives.

Having spent seven years in the advertising industry prior, Ashley has been exposed to great creatives, advertisements, and photography. Her passion for photography has enabled her to travel around the world and have her landscape photo shortlisted for the Association of Photographers (AOP) UK award for Landscape, Exteriors and Interiors category in 2011, and shortlisted for Singapore International Photography Festival for the Asian Mosaics Travel Competition 2010.

Her works have also appeared in The Sunday Times and were exhibited in London and Singapore.

Ashley is also the doting aunt of her 5½-year-old nephew whom she loves dearly, challenging his intellect, answering his numerous questions, and sharing his enthusiasm for his collection of plants which he is growing at his home.


Mr Andy Wee graduated with a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from the National University of Singapore. He took up the FertililtyCare Practitioners Program in Australia in 2007 under the supervision of Dr Amanda Lamont and has since helped many couples understand their women’s menstrual cycles and fertility potential through the use of the Creighton Model FertilityCare System.

Initially when he went to take up the training in teaching the Creighton Model FertilityCare System, his main objective was to help couples to overcome the fertility issues through the use of natural method. However, with the knowledge gained from the method and medical aspects, the Creighton Model and NaproTechnology has also helped him and his wife to build a family with three beautiful children. He is thankful for the gift of the Creighton Model and NaproTechnology methods which has helped many couples in Singapore as well as worldwide.


Tanja Faessler-Moro is a certified Fertility Coach, Consulting Hypnotist, Life Coach, and HypnoBirthing Practitioner. She founded Fertility Coaching in Singapore in 2012 to empower clients with options and to help them make informed decisions. After a successful career in banking as a manager and coach, Tanja became a fertility coach and counsellor after she gave birth to two sons. She has grown her experience through her diverse network with experts in the field of medicine and alternative therapies. Most importantly, Tanja provides an insider’s approach to the often-challenging roadblocks present in conquering fertility challenges.

Tanja works with individuals and couples by taking into consideration her client’s emotional and mental wellbeing, which is paramount to her. Clients who seek support from Tanja are usually dealing with some of the following challenges:

  • How to successfully manage a fertility “roller coaster” and regain life quality
  • How to replace fears and anxieties by relaxation during the fertility journey
  • How to undergo fertility treatments and stay mentally and emotionally calm and relaxed throughout the process
  • How to cope with early pregnancy challenges and prepare for a calm and safe birth
  • How to cope with grief and loss after a miscarriage or a stillbirth

Tiny Babies aims to provide unique, high quality and affordable clothes for babies (aged 0-24 months) in Singapore.

The collections are mainly for newborns aged 0 to 24 months. Our products are sourced from UK, USA, Russia and China. These include unique designs of infant clothes and even some brands that are currently not available in Singapore.

Preemie Baby Clothes

Preemie or tiny baby sized clothes (1.6kg-3.4 kg) are mainly from UK and USA. We provide high quality and specialty newborn items that are specifically suited to the needs of preemie babies. 10% of sale of each garment is being contributed to the NICU Care Package

Newborn Baby Clothes

Different designs of bodysuits, sleepsuits, tops, dresses for baby boy and baby girl (0-24 month).